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Pneumatic Presses

Model : AP2

The pneumatic presses are one of the most common types for press machine. They are widely applied to accomplish pressing force or boring holes from 180mm to 250mm. Produced by Sunny Enterprises, the product featuring pneumatic device makes the whole working system in a cheaper, safer and more flexible way. It perfectly performs pressing, forming, and shearing with high precision.  Unlike hydraulic presses, the pneumatic presses are powered by air, so the central system is vital to the working devices. Although they cannot perform the extreme pressures available with the hydraulic press, they own other specific feature and used in mechanized binderies for a variety of purposes. In brief, they not only offer the advantages of speed of operation and cleanliness, but also are sturdy and easy to operate. 

Since the product is highly recommended by the supplier, it shows that the pneumatic presses have certain reasons for you to choose from. The air presses
produced by us is efficient and inexpensive, additionally suitable to help customers with their production line, especially for massive production. They are the best choice over the hydraulic and conventional mechanical press for various applications.

We offer those series of pneumatic presses varied from specification. Both OEM/ODM service are available. If you are interested in our product
, please feel free to contact us for more details. It is our pleasure to become the business partner.

AP2-180, AP2-200, AP2-250
  • Bore: 180, 200, 250 mm.
  • Heavy Type.
  • Stroke : 100mm