• Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Custom Hydraulic Cylinders

Model : Product ID: ISO-6022

Sunny Enterprises is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of Custom Hydraulic Cylinders and Welded Hydraulic Cylinders. The product is a mechanical actuator that provides a linear force through a linear stroke, known as a linear hydraulic motor. It is quite a practical and ideal tool for anyone who wants to take it as double acting applications. Its tube is skived and roller burnished. We are the ISO 9001 certificated manufacturer, major in the design and manufacturing of hydraulic and pneumatic presses and cylinders.

The custom made hydraulic cylinder is precisely finished steel for extended the seal life. The hard chrome plated of the equipment provides corrosion resistance and minimizes tube scoring and seamless steel tube honed to 10/16 micro inch finish while the ticker wall is much better that traditional low pressure hydraulic cylinder. For the ticker wall can lower the wear on piston and the tube surface, giving ultra protection from leaks.

We are proud of providing our customers with these fine products, and we also provide complete service for OEM and ODM for all your specification.  Please do not hesitate to contact us for further information about our custom made hydraulic cylinder!

  • ISO-6022 standard Hydraulic Cylinder rated 25 MPa.
  • Range of bore dia. from 50 ~ 500 mm.
  • The specification of the product can be Custom Made by each customer's request (OEM / ODM).

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