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The C-frame presses are versatile and are used for a variety of hydraulic functions like straightening, drawing, bending, riveting, punching, or other general functions.  It is well-known that the presses are constructed and welded with firm and powerful steel for reduce the deflection of the frame. Because the c-frame presses are equipped with a building in power pack and indexing unit, the productivity is multiple. They are operated with PLC control which is the best one and make it a high speed, easy to operate, popular and efficient machine.


The machine is applied on hydraulic precision and controlling with its rigid construction. All of the important components are locally available and standardized, so it is inexpensive and time-consuming. The tonnage rating is adjustable in adversity range supplied throughout the stroke. The control buttons on the C-frame presses are designed for operator’s safety and meets ANSI B11.2 safety requirements.  Basically, they are with high speed hydraulic package, cooled heat exchanger, quick die change equipment, ram speed control, automatic cycling, light curtains and so on. However, most of the functions can be developed under client’s requirements. The products suitable for diversity working area. 


The product can be perform the precise task with its accuracy designed while it has extended the modular design concept to these versatile hydraulic machine. The C-frame presses also build with heavy duty slab steel side frames for rigidity. The individual temperature controllers and precision ground steel platens allow fine tuning performance. The work height can be fixed during operation process with its acting cylinder and the steel platens. The machine can remains the parallel within an accuracy limitation.


Moreover, the presses products with high accuracy transmission gear and sturdy crankshaft provide the accuracy, precision and a long machine operation life.  Please feel free to contact us for further information about the C-frame presses, and the OEM/ODM services are all available for your specification.

  • C - frame hydraulic press.
  • Capacity: 5 ~ 60 tons.
  • High speed, low power.
  • Suitable fro assembly, riveting stamping, pressing, forming.
  • The specification can be made by customer's - request (OEM / ODM).
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