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The 4-column presses are perfectly used for distributed tonnage applications of embossing and rubber pad forming and for center load applications.  Generally, the product is manufactured for a width range of applications in metal working fields such as the off center loading applications and center load. Usually the 4-column presses will need load balancing devices, which might be the optional item, like stroke dampers or nitrogen cylinder when processing the off center loading.

The wide hydraulic press is vertical machine with a guided platen powered by heavy duty machine tool. The platen and the rides on the 4-column presses are fitted accurately with bearings made of bronze. However, the ride on the main structure is fabricated by heavy sections of prime steel plate. In order to reduce the symmetrical deflection, the presses are equipped with the optimum load distribution over the whole surface of the plate.

The drive can be selected between power package S/K/KT/EPM while the UUM of the 4-column presses are stick to universal base frame and the STE is safety control. The maximum loading capacity is diversity, which allowed customers to make the specifications. They are also with tool holding fixture and ram guide weighted with many different spec.

The 4-column presses consist in many unlimited number of useful functions like with anti-rotating tool fixture or with four column guided ram plate, which is so perfectly designed for heavy production work for every facilities. The product is equipped with adjustable prismatic slides on hardened slides for ram guiding.

There are many additional accessories that you can build the 4-column presses whatever you want, such as T-slots for bed or anti-torsion lock. The ZDO is pressure switch while the ZPS is loading cell and ZWK is tool holding fixture. In others words, it means that the product we provide can be flexible and at the same time, available for your specification.


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